GPSFunRunner 3D

GPSFunRunner 3D is a third party application which allows the comparison of two separate .tcx files within 3Dimensions

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This application was created to allow for a visual comparison of two separate training events exported from a Garmin Forerunner 305 training device for the Windows 7 Operating System.

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Interval training - results comparison from 2 attempts at the same route 2 days apart:

Lead and Lag place holder iamge

Trial Version

A trial version, compatible with the Windows 7 Operating System is available within this link.

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Videos of GPSRunner 3D

Various videos demonstrating the GPSRunner 3D software.

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News: Feb 2017

The following image shows recent updates in Beta version of the Mobile version.

The latest version of the Mobile version is due for release in Aug 2017

Mobile Version GPSFunRunner2D